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Contract Law

Our lawyers have experience in various contract writing.

Our lawyers have successfully represented companies, , shareholders, partnerships, and individuals for their accumulated rich experience. Attorney Tao provides various legal services for companies and institutional investors in the establishment of domestic and overseas company listing structures, as well as listing planning and maintenance.

There are many forms of companies in the United States, the most common are limited liability companies (LC or LLC), limited partnerships (LP), limited liability partnerships (LLP) and limited liability partnerships (Inc. or, Co.)

It is very important to have a lawyer who is experienced in contract writing and contract negotiations. Through our review of the contract, we can bring you a better understanding of your rights and remedies under a contract. At King L. Wu and Associates, P.C., we a professional team of lawyers and staff that will ensure all your rights and remedies are protected and negotiate on your behalf diligently.

Clients rely on our strong team of dispute resolution lawyers to provide professional and commercial legal advice, reducing business risks and reserving client rights.

Our clients span various industries, and include Chinese companies, American corporations, small business owners, and individuals. We are able to provide contract drafting and contract negotiations in various areas such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate contracts, shareholder and partnership agreements, employment contracts, sales and leasing contracts, vendor contracts, etc. We often provide legal advice on potential disputes in major corporate transactions and financial transactions.

Please contact King L. Wu and Associates, P.C. and let our professional team handle your contract needs.


Our Lawyers

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