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Criminal Law

Getting arrested for a crime or being charged with a misdemeanor or felony can be a nerve-wracking situation. Not only is it stressful, but it's also downright scary. An arrest may be intimidating, but the legal process ahead is a confusing and daunting prospect, one that you would not want to experience alone with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

A hundred questions may cross your mind at this point. What happens next? Who do I speak to? What do I say? Will these criminal charges stay on my permanent record? How do I get bail? How can I get out of this mess?

An experienced criminal attorney can help answer all your questions and ease your uncertainties.

Fighting a criminal case is overwhelming and stressful, having a professional criminal defense attorney by your side can help you navigate the legal system seamlessly. Your lawyer will handle all the details of your case, making sure that everything is taken care of. They'll offer you counsel, help you understand your situation, and provide viable solutions for your case. Additionally, they'll also ensure that you're prepared for any additional legal mishaps and complications that may come your way, and are able to overcome all obstacles smoothly.

With an expert criminal defense lawyer handling your case, you can rest assured that you're in qualified hands. They'll go out of their way to fight your criminal charges and do whatever it takes to help you succeed. Working with a legal expert will help your case.

Above all, you get a legal advocate who not only believes in you, but also fights for your rights!

Being convicted any crime creates a huge disturbance in your life. Depending on the severity of your case, you may be deprived of your freedom, finances, and future opportunities in various areas. It's imperative that you hire only the best criminal defense attorney for your case that can help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

This is where our lawyers can help you. At King L. Wu & Associates, PC, we provide individualized services to fit your need.

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